Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives

COURI offers professional development training to undergraduate researchers across the campus.  Our workshops prepare students for success through high-quality, interactive, hands on workshops led by subject experts. 

The goals of the workshop series are to:

    • • Equip students with additional skills necessary to succeed as undergraduate researchers
    • • Prepare students for the best summer research programs available in the US and abroad
    • • Better prepare undergraduate students for the best graduate and professional programs in the US and abroad
    • • Provide UTEP faculty mentors with students that are better prepared for the challenges of undergraduate research participation.

NOTE: Attendees must be enrolled in an RSRC 4033 course to attend. We are using the CampusEdge registration system. If you do not have a UTEP email account, please create a profile using the link on the registration page to save your attendance history.


Currently Offered Workshops

The Research Notebook

Thursday, June 7, 2018 Registration Deadline
Registration Link 9 pm - May 31

In the first part of this workshop, students will learn what a research notebook is and what it is not; the do’s and don’ts of maintaining one; why it is important to keep accurate records; and what are the fundamentals of data management. In the second part of the workshop, students will learn about the most common elements required in research reports and how to extract information from the research notebook to write effective reports.


Preparing & Editing Professional Reports



In this workshop, you will explore and discuss professional reports based on your research field. Topics of discussion will include proper writing style, citations and paraphrasing. You will also get a chance to ask for details about the comments from your first COURI report.


Responsible Conduct of Research

Thursday, May 31, 2018 Registration Deadline
Registration Link 9pm - May 24
Students will learn about research integrity and the difference between research misconduct and questionable research practices. They will take a close look at the most recent cases of misconduct that have made it to headline news. Participants will work in groups to discuss and reflect on very relevant case studies based on specific topics of current interest. All materials, including the National Academies “On Being a Scientist, A Guide to Responsible Conduct in Research”, will be provided.


Crafting a Personal Statement

Aiming at assisting students with their applications to summer research program and graduate school, this workshop will teach participants the ABCs of a good personal statement, and how to create a personal statement that stands out from the rest. At the end of the workshop, students will have developed drafts of their personal statements.


Preparing an Abstract about your Research

Thursday, June 21, 2018 Registration Deadline:
Registration Link 9pm - June 14
This workshop is intended to further enhance students’ technical writing skills. Emphasis will be placed on using research reports to develop abstracts for technical symposia. Important elements of a good abstract, best practices, and common mistakes will be discussed. Participants will have ample opportunity to review, critique and revise samples as well as write and edit their own.


Preparing & Delivering a Presentation about your Research

Thursday, July 5, 2018 Registration Deadline:
Registration Link 9pm - June 28
In the first part of this workshop, participants will learn about what constitutes a good technical poster and will make a draft from their own research report. In the second part, students will learn the basics of presenting their posters to expert and non-expert audiences.


Previously Offered Workshops

Getting Started in Research

TBA Registration Link

Topics of discussion include what constitutes research; what are the various stages of the research cycle; what are the benefits of involvement in undergraduate research; how to prioritize and schedule responsibilities; what are the professional skills that characterize a good researcher; how to search for and connect with a research advisor in the area of interest; what does it take to build a productive mentor-mentee relationship; and what are the dynamics of teamwork in a research group.


Preparing a Professional Path

TBA Registration Link

This workshop involves a presentation and work in small groups. Depending on scheduling, a round table discussion with graduate students and faculty may be included to provide participants with the knowledgebase necessary for discussion. The guiding theme for the workshop is “What do you want to be when you grow up: Mapping the road for success, driving on the road, shifting gears, and what to do when you get there (or not)”.
Topics of discussion will include:
• What is an advance degree and what does it take to get one? Is it for me?
• Why, how, where, and when to apply to graduate school
• How to succeed in graduate school: Ins and outs
• What to do after you get the degree
• Do I want a career in academia or elsewhere?


Preparing a Resume & Curriculum Vitae

TBA Registration Link
In collaboration with UTEP's Career Center, this workshop will cover:
• the ABCs of a good resume
• the key differences between a resume and CV
• interview basics
• marketing yourself in the digital age