Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives

64 Posters

Chemistry and Computer Science Building Lobby

Career Panel Participants:

Thomas Lane, Ph.D.
Vice President of Instruction & Learning Services, Delta College of Michigan
Former President, American Chemical Society


Maria G. Aguilera
Software Engineer, Google Inc.
UTEP Alumnus


Explaining Research to a Non-Technical Audience

Best Team Presentation

David Guzman
Mentor: Dr. Virgilio Gonzalez, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Gustavo Hernandez
Mentor: Dr. Michael Irwin, Chemistry


Best Individual Presentation

Aaron Cano
Mentor: Dr. Shane Walker, Civil Engineering

Biomedical Sciences & Engineering

Best Poster

Alice Hernandez & Mabel Terminel
Mentor: Dr. Edward Castaneda, Psychology


Honorable Mention

Briana Pinales & Nicole Dominguez
Mentor: Dr. Arshad Khan, Biological Sciences

Tatiana Rodriguez
Mentor: Dr. John Wiebe, Psychology

Juan Bolanos
Mentor: Dr. Kristin Gosselink, Biological Sciences


Chemistry, Biochemistry & Materials Engineering

Best Poster

Maripaz Calderon
Mentor: Dr. Dino Villagran, Chemistry


Honorable Mention

Gustavo Hernandez
Mentor: Dr. Michael Irwin, Chemistry

Fernando de Leon
Mentor: Dr. Shizue Mito, Chemistry


Computer Science, Modeling, Physics & Mathematics

Best Poster

Joshua Morris
Mentor: Dr. Cristian Botez, Physics


Honorable Mention

Karla Singh
Dr. Ming-Ying Leung, Mathematics
Dr. Igor Almeida, Bioinformatics

Aurelio Paez
Mentor: Paul Mason, Physics


Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Best Poster

Shane Schinagel
Mentor: Dr. Diane Doser, Geological Sciences



Honorable Mention

Fabioloa Moreno-Olivas
Mentor: Dr. Jorge Gardea-Torresdey, Chemistry

Marissa Cameron
Bridget Smith-Konter, Geological Sciences