Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives


Abstract Submissions: June 19 - July 12, 2019

Spring Symposium: August 3, 2019

COURI Symposia Abstract Books

Every year COURI hosts two symposia with the objective of offering a unique opportunity for undergraduate researchers to present and discuss their research and scholarly work with faculty, experts, peers and the community. One is in the spring, and another one in the summer at the end of July-beginning of August. Dates are strategically selected so that students can wrap up and present their academic year/summer projects.   

All undergraduate students involved in research, scholarly or creative activities are encouraged to participate by submitting an abstract to the symposium. As the dates approach, a Call for Abstracts is announced campus wide via email and through UTEP Today monitors around campus. 

The symposia also have a competitive side. Students have a space assigned to hang a poster as a visual aid and present their work. Meanwhile, a qualified judging board provides feedback and grades the presentations. By the end of the day, a ceremony of awards is organized. The highest scores of each field are recognized and rewarded. Showcase your work, obtain feedback from technical and non-technical audiences, and compete in a single event.     

Faculty and non-presenting students are encouraged to attend. See what you could be doing as a mentor or an apprentice, and learn about what UTEP undergraduates are achieving and discovering. The event is also open to external visitors.