Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives

COURI maintains a database of summer research opportunities.

  • • If you receive information about an opportunity, please forward it to us and we will announce it to
  • • If you can provide a summer opportunity for students, let us know and we will help you advertise it
      and coordinate it

COURI negotiates and catalyzes collaborations that involve undergraduate researchers with other institutions and programs across the US and abroad.

  • • Contact us to discuss your interests and potential collaborations for student exchange

COURI actively applies for external funding to support undergraduate researchers in various programs. We reach out to faculty members that match needed expertise. We put teams together and assist with proposal writing when the opportunity arises. 

Please contact us:

  • • If you have an individual or team idea for a program proposal involving undergraduate research
  • • If you need advice on how, where, or when to request funds for undergraduate student support.


COURI supports undergraduate student researchers and their mentors through several COURI-managed research programs.