Campus Office of Undergraduate Research Initiatives

UTEP research faculty members are the life line of undergraduate research. Your role as research advisor/mentor is vital to the success of the undergraduate research experience. When you accept an undergraduate student into your research program:

    • • You will be providing that student with ideas, guidance, feedback, encouragement, and resources.
    •  You will create the environment for immersion into the culture of the discipline.
    • • Your network of colleagues and collaborators will become the spring-board for your student’s first
        steps into the profession.
    • • You will become the principal role model. Your behavior, values and ethical conduct will be
        observed, absorbed and in most cases imitated by your students.
    • • You will become an intellectual parent, and if this master-apprentice relationship truly flourishes, you
        also become an intellectual partner.     

    Dr. Laura O'Dell receiving the Summer 2015 Mentoring Award